Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why pickles?

As I was jazzing up some tuna with pickled jalapenos, pickled banana peppers, and pickles I thought, why are they just called pickles? We say pickled peppers, pickled zucchini, pickled asparagus, and so forth. Why don't we call pickles, pickled cucumbers? Were they the first vegetable to ever be pickled? Hmm.

Then my mind jumped to Franklin (the little kids cartoon) about a little turtle named  Franklin. Why is it his name is Franklin but, his friends' names are Bear, Snail, Beaver and so on?  Hmm.

Oh well, deep thoughts from a simple mind.


  1. Well, to make it worse, in some parts of Canada, especially back east - pickle singular refers to relishes. As in, where's that jar of mustard pickle? Which of course has cauliflower and onion in it as well as cuke.
    And getting worser :), Franklin the Turtle is called Benjamin in French. Go figure. I never thought about is friends being just their species name before. Hmmm.


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