Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In the garden on the first day of August

Here in western Washington August is when the gardens really take off.

 Usually zucchini is already being picked by now. I had a few complications so, this is my first zucchini and many are flowering.

I planted three varieties of potatoes, three of each, so that is nine potato plants. Then surprise four plants popped up in my squash row. We should have enough potatoes to last us until next summer.

I planted a bunch of sunflowers and several different kinds. Here is the first flower starting.


My onions and leeks are doing well.  I will be able to keep the leek in the garden until it snows. (Onions left, Leeks right)

Bush beans with lettuce mix in, carrots and the first tomatoes on my very tall tomato plant I keep in my small green house. 

This is the tallest pepper plant I have ever had. There is lots of flowers but no peppers yet. That worries me a little.

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