Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ducklings and Garden Update

Ducklings- I 'm amazed how fast they grow. I think the duckling with all black head and the one with all yellow head are both girls. I am unsure what the other is, I am hoping a boy.

It's hard to believe just two weeks ago they used to swim around together in their water bowl.
Garden- So far I have made a few salads and one crock pot dinner with potatoes, zucchini, onions, and green beans which all came from my garden.
As you can see my leeks, carrots, bean (right) and potatoes (left) are doing good.
I have lots of green tomatoes and finally they are starting to turn red!

My daughter helped me plan some fall crops. We planted kale, red cabbage, and purple cauliflower.
What fall crops do you plan?
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  1. Oh your garden looks great I love Kale from under the snow. Your ducks are so cute I love ducks. B

  2. Cute little ducklings! Those garden veggies look good.

  3. Hi Shannon here is the link for the vanilla pods...xoxo...canarella...

  4. Well, I plan a lot of crops but I plant none of them. Life is simply too overwhelming right now and the kids up the road plant everything I like to eat. So, I buy from them; they need the money and I need the
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