Friday, August 10, 2012

Dying Potato Plant

Most of the US has been harvesting their gardens for a month now. While those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest are just starting to harvest or are waiting patiently (or not) for our gardens to produce. So my garden is still doing the growing thing.

I have noticed one of my potato plants not doing very well. Something was eating it. I would check it every morning and night. I killed a couple of slugs that were near but it was still getting worse. So I decided to pull it up today. As I was moving dirt away I found three very big snails hiding. My chickens thought they were yummy!

Because I didn't do a very good job of remembering which kind of potato I planted where, I had to pull the plant out to see what kind of potatoes I would be digging up. Well they are the purple potatoes. Did you know it is hard to find deep purple potatoes in black rich soil? I had to be careful I didn't miss any.

This is what I dug up. They look like dirty rocks, don't they?

I washed one up so I could see it better. This is the first time I have grown this kind of potato.

Did you guess the inside would be purple, too? I know they say that you aren't suppose to eat raw potatoes. Well I wanted to see what this purple potato would taste like. Guess what, it taste like any other potato. Only this one made my tongue purple.




  1. Shannon, those are beautiful! I have heard that they make great lavender mashed potatoes:). I am also in WA and everything is late in my garden, too! I am still patiently waiting so I can start canning and freezing!

    You have inspired me to grow blue potatoes next year!


    1. I am glad to hear it, both that you to are patiently waiting and that you are going to grow blue potatoes. I have decided to make potato salad today with my potatoes and pickled eggs. Purple potato salad, weird.


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