Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Leeks

I had to thin my leeks yesterday. I think I waited a little to long to do this. Oh well.

This is half of what I got. I couldn't see just throwing them away. So I'm trying three different ways to preserve them.

First the white and little green part you are suppose to eat. I cut them up like normal and soaked them in water.

Then I sauteed them in butter and put them in a mini muffin tin to freeze.

Now for the green part that most people don't eat. I read that if they are dried or blanched then frozen you can use them in soups. So that is what I did.

I also soaked them (this is to clean them).

 This is the half I blanched and put in the freezer.

Here is the other half in the oven drying.
I will have to make soup soon and see which is best or if any of them turn out.


I also picked raspberries at my in-laws today.

Now it is time to make raspberry jelly! YUM!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It looks like a fairy put red paint on this little green tree frog.

Cooking up a batch of Roasted Pepper Salsa Verde in my big green pot.

3. Eyelashes
Wet eyelashes.

4. Shapes
See the beautiful shapes this spider made.

5. Clouds
Are those storm clouds coming in?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Roasted Pepper Salsa Verde

This recipe came about because I found tomatillos,poblano peppers , and green peppers in the reduced area at my local farm produce store. I have been wanting to try homemade salsa verde. So this is my version of several recipes I looked up.

Start off by roasting poblano pepper, green peppers, and tomatillos in oven under low broiler.
Turn peppers and tomatillos when skin is brown and blisters. Do this until every side is done. (The tomatillos I just did the top and bottom.)

When all sides are done take out and cover with a foil for 10 minutes.

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend.

Empty into a large pot, heat until hot, stir continually.

Ladle in to hot jars, top with warmed lids and rings. Process in a boiling bath for 20 minutes.

I made a double batch and ended up with four half pints and three 12oz jars of salsa.

Roasted Pepper Salsa Verde

1.5lb.  tomatillos
2         green bell peppers
2         poblano peppers
1         jalapeno pepper
6-8     cloves garlic
6        large green onions
1        bunch of cilantro
1-2tsp salt
1/2      lime juice and zest

To make

1. Rinse green peppers and poblano peppers place on a foil-lined baking sheet. Husk and rinse tomatillos place on baking sheet in a single layer.

2. Place baking sheet on middle rack of oven. Turn broiler on low.(Or if you are good at watching it, you could use high) Broil until all sides are brown and blistered.

3. Remove from oven and cover with foil for 10 minutes.

4. Place tomatillos in food processor. Remove core and seeds from green and poblano peppers. Cut into about four big chunks, put into food processor.

5. Trim green onions cut into thirds, cut cilantro into thirds and add both to the food processor. Add garlic and lime juice/zest. Cut strips off jalapeno pepper and add to food processor. (Depending on how hot you want it to be, add no seeds or all seeds or somewhere in between, that is up to you.) Sprinkle in one teaspoon of salt.

6. Close and turn on food processor. Process until everything is mixed and chopped up very fine. Taste you may want to add more garlic and/or salt.

To Can

1. Have lids, jars and boiling bath canner all hot and ready.

2. Empty salsa verde into a large pot, heat on high until hot.

3. Ladle into hot jars, add lids, hand tighten rings and place in boiling bath.

4. When water reaches 200 degrees process half pints for 20 minutes.

5. Immediately remove jars  and let cool.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yes!!! Finally sunshine. We have had nothing but grey sky and cool weather (way too cold for me) for several days. It was a beautiful sunshine raise at 5:00 this morning.