Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Walking
I went for a walk along the Dungeness River.

2. Yummy to my tummy
I chose the eggs my chickens lay.

3. Favorite Toy
No contest, hands down, my new camera.

4. What I did this week
I went and found a beautiful spot to take a picture of Mt. Baker.

5. Anything
My anything is of a Bald Eagle I saw in a tree along side the road.
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  1. Love that red barn and the mountain - and yes, cameras are the best toys ever :O)

  2. Great shots. My camera is my fave toy also....but it's not new.

  3. Mm, I bet fresh eggs are delicious!

  4. Your new photo spot is indeed quite beautiful and what a find with the Eagle. Well done on this week's words.

  5. I like that view of the mountain...the pop of red really makes the scene. My brother has chix and just gave me a dozen eggs. His chickens have been really producing lately. HOpe that keeps up. Normally I get nada. Happy day to you.

  6. I wish that we had a lovely landscape like that! I wish that I could eat those eggs with a side of bacon right now :) I love your self portrait.

  7. Wonderful set. Super pretty shot of Mt. Baker and the added bonus of the red barn.
    Nice place to take a walk.
    Cool capture of that Bald Eagle.

  8. Mt Baker is so beautiful, thanks for finding the perfect spot. I love your interpretations of each one of the theme challenges. And I wish I had some of those eggs!

  9. Lovely river shot. I also like the one of Mount Baker too.

  10. Hurray for another view of Mt Baker - I am always amazed at how far away people can see "our" mountain. Love the eggs too - great shots for this week.


  11. Love the color of those eggs!


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