Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Wow I can't believe it is already Sunday again.  I had a lot of fun with this weeks prompts.

1. Glow
I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I'm posting both.

Sun setting over Willapa Bay on the Washington's south coast.
2. Old
This is an old abandoned barn near Sequim. 
3. Shadow
Look quick the sun is out and you can see your shadow.
4. Spring
I thought is one would be easy. I would find some pretty spring flower and take a picture. For some reason it just didn't interest me. So I thought about is some more and decided on weather. Spring weather is so unpredictable here in the Northwest. Just like today it was raining about 10 minutes later it was sunny and warm. Then all of a sudden ice cold wind. A little while later out of nowhere a down pour. So I did a collage, in it you can see blue sky, white clouds and dark rain clouds. These pictures were all taken the same day.
5. Smile
My son has a great smile.
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  1. I like both 'glow' shots but the second is a stunner!
    Poor barn is very old and neglected but a great photo moment.
    Your son looks like a happy young man and what a lovely setting this is!

  2. Your sunset picture is AMAZING! Beautiful photos!

  3. So very beautiful photos !!! The photo of your son is so lovely. You must take a close-up to see his lovely smile closer !!!! Lucky you !

    1. I tried to crop the picture so it would bring him in closer but the over all picture did look as good. I get a few closer ones on my post.

  4. Gorgeous shots! Glow is beautiful!

  5. Your sunset shots are stunning...lovin' your son's smile!! Great shots!

  6. That barn is divine - isn't it amazing how much more we like dilapidated falling down barns once we get into photography. I'm with Nukke on getting closer to show off that smile with your son.

  7. Tough choice on those Glow photos. Glad you posted both....but that second one definitely "glows"! Love that old barn...such character.

  8. These all are great interpretations, but my favorite is glow. Great colors to make a heart sing!

  9. Both glow shots were great but that 2nd one was awesome.
    Spring was pretty cool too, loved the collage and how true at how fast the weather can change in the PNW.
    Smile, Handsome lad, gorgeous tree.

  10. Great pictures. I have been to Sequim before. We went to an animal zoo kind of place back in the 80's. It's probably not there anymore.

    1. You probably went to the Game Farm and it is still there. I told my kids Saturday that we need to go back it would be a fun place to take pictures.


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