Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 19 and 20

Day 19
Texas to Colorado
It was still pretty warm when we got up a 6:30 this morning. We were only a few miles from the Oklahoma boarder. We decided to take Hwy 177 which paralleled I-35, we did this so we wouldn’t have to go through Oklahoma City. We made the right choice. Oklahoma country side is beautiful and we see saw some really neat old towns. Then we crossed over into Kansas and everything went to hell. First off, it was soooo hot, 109, it felt like we were in hell. Second Kansas is miles and miles on nothing special.  Third we drove into a MASSIVE storm. The radio was giving storm updates saying flash floods and ping pong size hail. We could see LOTS of lightning and really black clouds. Then the radio said between Colby and Goodland, which was where we were headed, there was flash flooding and 60 mile hour winds. We decided to pull off in Colby have dinner and wait out the storm. We waited about an hour and it looked like the direction we were headed was clear of dark clouds and lightning. The storm was still raging beside us as we drove. I had never seen lightning that was nonstop flashing with no thunder. We thought we were doing good driving toward bright nonthreating clouds. Then….. our road turned and we drove straight into the storm! There were lightning bolts striking all around us, rain coming down so hard our wipers could hardly keep up, and wind blowing so hard cars were pulling off the road everywhere. We even saw a big construction sign that have the lit arrow flipped upside down. When it got really bad we pulled over near an overpass for a few minutes.  Then we continued on, once we drove out of the storm, we decided we had enough of Kansas. We drove until we came to the first truck stop in Burlington, Colorado.  I have no desire to ever go back to Kansas! Next stop Rock Springs, Wy.
Day 20
Colorado to Wyoming
Today was just a day of driving. No major events, just lots and lots of rocks, grass, cows, and trains. We were all so happy to have weather in the 80's. It even cooled down this evening to 60 something. It felt really good. We stayed at a KOA in Rock Springs, Wy. Not a very good place and their internet wouldn't work most of the time.
Next stop Yellowstone.

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