Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 12 &13

Day 12
We made great time driving the rest of the way through North Carolina, then through South Carolina, Georgia and into Florida.
This is where the troubles started. We decided to take Hwy 27 south through the middle of Florida, because it was Friday and getting close to rush hour, we didn't want to go through any major cities. Well when we figured out Hwy 27 was not the way to go because of all the stop lights, it was too late to get onto I-75. On the radio we heard there were several accidents, we figured either way was not good.  So it took us a REALLY long time to get to Grandma Hays' house.

On a good note we did try something new. We had see several signs for boiled peanuts. We all thought that sound interesting, so at one of the gas stations I bought some. They are interesting. The peanut are boiled in the shells in salt water. The shell are wet and hot. When open a little salt water comes out. The peanut are soft and have the texture of a pinto bean but, they taste like a mild peanut. We're not sure if we like them, we'll just have to keep trying them:)

Day 13
Today is going to be a relax day. Grandma took us out for a great breakfast. Then we went to Ronna and Jim's for a visit. Back at Grandma's Hunter relaxed and did some computer stuff for Grandma. Eric fixed a few things around the  house and bus. Bailey played on her computer and finished a puzzle with Grandma. I cleaned the bus, washed clothes and blogged. It was a great day to recuperate.

Next up Florida Keys.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great trip. I don't think I would like boiled peanuts.

    1. We are having a great time. The boiled peanuts are very different, they must be an acquired taste.


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