Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 14

We made it to the Keys!
Our campground is on Key Largo at John Pennekamp State Park and it is beautiful.
The drive down was pretty good until we got almost to the Keys and then it was stop and go until Key Largo. We were able to check in early to our campsite. It was after noon so we ate some lunch, then change into our swim suits, grab our snorkeling gear and we were off. The first place we went snorkeling it took us a little while to find the fish. Hunter and Bailey did great swimming. It took Bailey a little while to get use to breathing through her mouth only but she figured it out. We snorkeled for an hour or so then went back to camp to look at the map to find the other swimming/snorkeling area. Then we were off again for several more hours. We all had a great time. The park closes to the general public around 8:30 pm so we decided to go for a walk and take pictures. It was so peaceful and quiet. Wow what a great day.
This is one of the places we snorkeled at, it had the most fish. The fish weren't as colorful as Hawaii or St. Thomas but they were still neat to see and watch. There were huge jelly fish you had to watch out for, if you disturbed them in any way they would release something in the water, which made your skin itch and burn.    
 On our walk we found a playground, I guess the kids aren't too old to play.
The Florida Keys is beautiful day and night. Tomorrow we move to Curry Hammock State Park on the island of Marathon.


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