Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I did over the Labor Day Weekend.

I learned to make bread. Who knew making homemade bread could be so easy? I made three loaves of bread.

 I also experimented with pickling peppers. That is green bell, yellow bell, purple bell and jalapeno pepper. In two weeks I will try the peppers and if I like them I will post the recipe.

 Peppers, peppers and more peppers become....                               pickled peppers.

My son, nephew, and I picked blackberries. (big kid son, little one nephew)

These two buckets of blackberries became 10 1/2 cups of juice. I made 10 half-pints of blackberry jelly and froze 5 1/2 cups of juice for later use.

What did you do for the Labor Day weekend?
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  1. You sure had a busy and productive weekend. You had some great helpers and those blackberries look divine. I look forward to reading about the verdict on the pickled peppers too. Have a great week and thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I'm impressed! You've been really productive and I bet it'll taste great!

  3. Your bread is beautiful! And if your pickled peppers are anything like mine, you'll be thrilled you have them-enjoy:@)

  4. Wow, you really were busy. I only made chili sauce. Anxious to hear how the peppers are. I love anything pickles. Blackberries are so yummy and your bread looks delicious. Visiting from Sunny Simple Life.

  5. Boy you were really goofing off! :) Seriously that's alot of activity...I used to bake bread when my boys were younger. Looking at your beautiful photos makes me want to do it again! ( when the weather cools! )

  6. I need to learn how to make bread, found you from Sunny Simple Sunday Linky Party. I too picked berries and and made my first pie crust from scratch


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