Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodnight Chickens, Goodnight Ducks

One of my favorite things to do after dinner is to go outside and say goodnight to the chickens.
These ladies are in our chicken tractor. I usually stand outside and look up at them and say goodnight lady.  They answer back "brooock".
This is Bugs she will wait to roost until I catch and give her a couple of flying termites. (hence the name bugs)
Then I go down to the other chicken coop and tell these three goodnight. Meet Curly, Larry, and Mo.
Next I collecting slugs. Yes I said slugs and I find this activity fun. Yes, again I did say fun.
Why do I collect slugs, you may ask?  I collect them to give to the ducklings.
 They get very excited when I say want some slugies. They start quack/ peeping (it is a strange sound) and tripping on their own feet and each others trying to get to the slugs.
Goodnight Duckies 

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