Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surprise Potatoes Plant

I always seem to unknowingly leave one or two potatoes in the garden each year. So in the spring up pops a surprise potato plant or two.  I rotate my crops each year and this very big potato plant was in the way of other crops, so I pulled it.

I was happy to see so many potatoes. I have a hard time keeping reds from going bad. I decided to can these but I didn't want to peel them.  Some are very tiny and I couldn't just throw out the little ones. So I did some web surfing and found a couple of people who can their red potatoes peel on. Step one scrub potatoes until they shine.

I used my dollar store scrub brush and scrubbed until they were shiny. As I scrubbed a very thin skin came off the potatoes. Then I cut the bigger ones into smaller chunks and stuffed into hot quart jars with a teaspoon of salt.

Notice some of the potatoes have a reddish centers. I added boiling water to each jar and put on the warmed lids and rings. Then processed them for 40 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.

Ok all done and the potatoes are all white. Hmm, I didn't expect that. Seven quarts from a surprise potato plant, not bad.

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  1. you ended up with quite a few potatoes! and that little dry goods store you asked me about, it is only 98 thou! can you believe that?!

  2. I tried canning potatoes without peel and they turned to mush. :/ They don't look so appetizing. I'm still new at canning. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop! Hope to have you back with us again tomorrow:

  3. Lol, it doesn't matter how careful you are at digging potatoes up, there are always some that come up the next year.

  4. Sorry I missed commenting on this post... at the time I was in the throes of trying to return to work after an on the job injury, surgery and complications. I did get back to work, but then have retired due to physical issues... I LOVE home canned foods, these look yummy!


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