Saturday, August 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Family- This is my family of Indian Runner Ducks.

2.Grass- I use my grass clipping in my garden. It works great as a weed block.

3.Silly-This is Harry my angora bunny. He's a little silly looking.

4 Half- This is my corn at half size.

5. Bow-Meet Franky (short for Franken Feet) her feet curl and bow.

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  1. Nice family. And sweet Harry. I think he looks shy (or is he sleeping?).

    1. Thank you. Harry is awake you just can't see his eyes under all that fluff. Every morning I smooth back his fluff to make sure his eyes are still there. :)

  2. What a cute family of ducks! That really is a silly-looking bunny- SO fluffy!

  3. Where are your bunny's eyes? Poor thing...can he see? He is like the bunny version of a sheep dog! Your chicken is very attractive, despite her bowed feet. Love her feathers! Great choices, all, for your scavenger hunt!

  4. Fun little glimpse into your world. That bunny is so fluffy looking. I'd love to see it's face with it's eyes showing. Cool looking ducks too.

  5. I enjoyed this set of photos. Harry sure is a cutie!


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