Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

We explored neglected buildings in the ghost town of Bodie, WA. 
Signs of Spring 
Spring flowers ready to bloom.
Last Thing you Bought
I just bought a canvas print of this picture. It turned out beautiful. 
I like the play of shadows from clouds on land.
Four Things
Four things I love, my husband, my daughter, my son and old buildings.



  1. Great photos this week. We love exploring ghost towns too. The last photo is my favorite.

  2. Great photos!! I love the last one with your family and the lovely spring photos! Stopping by from the scavenger hunt!

  3. Love the contrast of color and texture in that first image. Of course the last image is very nice as well. Very nice macro images and what a great capture for the shadow prompt. Well done all around.

  4. Great shots! I LOVE the shadow shot, it is so beautiful!

  5. Great shots. I bet that canvas print is beautiful. The four things you love was a great idea.

  6. Very nice set. I've never been to Bodie and I've lived in WA state all my life. Guess I should check it out as it sounds like fun.
    Loved your Shadow shot of the clouds over the land.
    Forsythia are very pretty, I bet your Canvas print is as well.
    Great shot for the 4 Things prompt.

  7. These are great! I agree that clouds and light across the land looks beautiful. Nice shot of the yellow flowers too.


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