Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonderful Family Hike

On the spur-of-the-moment we decided to go for a hike Sunday. It was a gorgeous, hot summer day spring day. We were going to be in the North Bend (Snoqualmie Falls) area, which isn't too far from where my brother and his family lives. So we asked them to join us.
Twin Falls on Snoqualmie River
This is my nephew, isn't he cute? Here we go, up through the woods.
We made it.
 This is where we should have stopped. But the trail kept going so we kept going. We hiked two more miles up and I mean up. We finally ask what we were hiking to ....
an other entrance, basically a parking lot. No rainbow,  no fairies,  no pot of gold, no gorgeous view just a parking lot. *sign* So we headed back down.

When we made it all the way down a little rest was in order.


All in all it was a good hike.
My brother, son, daughter, husband, sister-in-law and nephew.
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  1. Looks like a great family adventure.


  2. I really enjoyed the wilderness cyber hike with you. I am having a glass of water after all that climbing.
    JM Illinois

  3. Looks very rugged there Shannon -- kudos to you all for seeing it to the end. xo

  4. Wow! What a hike! ~ beautiful shots for ODW ~ lovely family ~ ^_^

  5. A beautiful day for a family hike!
    I'm sure I would have stopped halfway and waited for everyone to come back down!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Hello, I'm visiting via Outdoor Wednesday.

    What a great day out and beautiful place to hike through! Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Great photos.

  7. With stunning beauty like that, I can see why you wanted to get out and hike!
    Visiting from Tuesday Muse.

  8. Looks like you're building some great memories there! Such a beautiful stream, love it cascading down.

  9. Those faces tell a story of a fun time together! I love to just photograph nature as I go, but I'm always afraid others don't share my passion for green! Good post.

  10. Looks like a wonderful hike! I hike every weekend.

  11. Thanks for stopping by Shannon! What a gorgeous place for a hike. Even if it was just to a parking lot, the area between was beautiful. :)

  12. What a great hike, that place looks so beautiful. Mich x

  13. That is the most stunning place, even it there was nothing at the top with scenery like that it is worth every minute of the hike. Looks like all the party throught so too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.


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